At Mermaid Central,
our focus is clear:

to provide expert care, guidance,
and tools for a healthier future

At Mermaid
Central, our
focus is clear:

to provide expert care,
guidance, and tools
for a healthier future

Kelley Bright


Introducing Kelley Bright, our specialist dietitian Gold Coast, with a diverse background spanning over a quarter of a century in the health sector. Kelley’s multi-disciplinary expertise encapsulates roles as a Dietitian, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Sports Dietitian, and Naturopath.

Under the leadership of Dr. Brendan Baragry (SCOPE Certification) and Dr Jack Ashwin (MBBS), we are the gold standard in global obesity management, our clinic emphasises evidence-based treatments and interventions. We prioritise a comprehensive approach, incorporating nutritional guidance from our Dietitian – Kelley Bright and behavioural insights from our resident Psychologist.

Our dietitian at Mermaid Central Weight Loss Clinic, a Gold Coast specialist in nutrition.

With a track record of aiding thousands of individuals in their weight loss aspirations, Kelley emphasizes the importance of a balanced, nutritious approach to diet and exercise. Her strategies prioritize realism and sustainability, ensuring not just short-term successes, but long-term transformations.

Approach to Weight Management

Kelley is dedicated to imparting knowledge that empowers you to make informed dietary choices. Her teachings revolve around optimising fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass, ensuring the weight loss journey is beneficial in the long run. Rather than simply following a diet, she encourages clients to understand and take command of their dietary habits.

InBody Body Composition Scanner

A distinctive element of Kelley’s approach is the utilization of the Inbody Body Composition Scanner. This advanced tool provides intricate details on body composition, from fat and muscle mass to mineral content. By regularly monitoring these metrics, Kelley ensures that weight loss is targeted and healthy, preserving vital muscle mass essential for metabolic functionality.

Continuous Guidance

Beyond diet and exercise, Kelley provides an all-encompassing support system. From sharing delectable recipes and tailored exercise recommendations to delivering health education and tracking progress, she’s here to guide you every step of the way.